Saturday, May 5, 2012

Canine Hero

Never say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  This old dog, namely, Sebastian, a 12 year old Collie mixed breed, recently saved three lives and became a hero!
To keep the name of the owner private, we will just call him Mr. P from Somewhere, Pennsylvania. His dog’s name is really Sebastian. This is the story of Sebastian, Mr. & Mrs. P and how Sebastian saved their lives.
Mr. & Mrs. P were settling down for a peaceful night’s sleep and so was Sebastian. He usually slept at the foot of the bed. This particular night, however, Sebastian started to pace first to Mr. P’s side of the bed, then to Mrs. P‘s side. He wouldn’t stop.  Finally Mr P got up, thinking that Sebastian needed to go out.
After bringing Sebastian back in the house, every one settled down for the rest of the night.
It wasn’t two minutes and Sebastian started to pace again. First, he paced to Mr. P. and then to Mrs. P. After waiting about five or ten minutes, Sebastian still didn’t settle down. Mr. P got out of bed and checked the upstairs, then the main floor. Nothing abnormal.
Then Mr. P decided to check the basement. It’s the only place he didn’t check.
When he and Sebastian got down stairs, there was a faint odor of gas.
Mr. P called PECO and reported his findings. PECO came out in about ½ hour.
The PECO technician checked for leaking gas and sure enough found the problem. It was a leaking gas line leading to the hot water heater. He told Mr. P to treat this dog to anything he wants including a steak. He just saved your life, your wife’s life and your house. The gas leak could have ignited the entire house before morning.
How did I find out about it? Mr. P. was in to Providence Veterinary Hospital with Sebastian the other day, treating him to anything he wanted and told us the story. A TRUE STORY OF CANINE HEROISM!

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